Advisory Services & Solutions

  • Market Research - Identify commercial aircraft for airline fleet requirements and remarketing opportunities that meet customer objectives

  • Lease Management Projects – Professionally manage aircraft and engine acceptance & delivery or return saving time and money while delivering the highest quality results

  • Acquisition Process - Professionally manage the entire acquisition process, from start to finish, saving time and money while delivering the highest quality results that give the advantages it takes to succeed

  • Supply Chain, Consignment and Repair Services Management – Evaluate for effectiveness or create functions that ensure parts and materials availability in a cost effective manner

  • Initial Provisioning -  Develop program to ensure parts availability at the lowest possible cost

  • Strategic Purchasing - Evaluate or develop function to ensure parts availability with cost effective results.  In addition evaluate or create a PMA Parts Procurement Program that ensures use of high quality parts at a cost level lower than OEM parts

  • Aircraft/Engine Transactions – Professionally develop and negotiate aircraft/engine sale, lease or purchase LOI’s and resultant agreements Terms and Conditions that meet or exceed customer financial and fleet plan objectives

  • Airframe/Engines/Components Maintenance -  Evaluate and/or develop, and negotiate, agreements final Terms and Conditions to ensure the highest maintenance quality at the lowest possible cost

  • ACMI Services – AMC can arrange ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance) leases of commercial and business jet aircraft.  This program is especially suited to start-up airlines and existing operators who require interim service in support of new routes or short term contracts requiring alternative or augmented fleets.