Aviation Management Consulting is internationally recognized for providing an array of services to the world commercial aviation and financial communities.  While we are involved to some degree in virtually all aspects of commercial aviation, AMC's primary business is the acquisition, P-to-F conversion management, major modification and maintenance management, disposition and financing of used commercial aircraft - in both domestic and international markets.  Our knowledge of an ever-changing marketplace and our technical understanding, combined with unique, state-of-the-art financial expertise, makes AMC a total resource for the secondary commercial aviation market.  Of equal value are the numerous business and personal relationships we have formed over the years within the aviation and financial industries, representing a wide range of interests, available to assist our customers in support of their financial and fleet plan objectives.  Based, in Dayton, Ohio, The Birthplace of Aviation, AMC has earned a reputation for professionalism and integrity that is unmatched.  We are proud of our reputation and record, and look forward to learning how we can assist you in reaching your objectives.  Be assured, we will exceed your expectations.