AMC has two primary core areas of service, Advisory Services & Solutions and Technical Services.

Advisory Services & Solutions

At AMC, we approach every assignment by reminding ourselves to look at everything from fresh perspectives and to assume absolutely nothing.  We call it thinking outside the fuselage.  It allows us to focus our experience, expertise and creativity to find elegantly practical solutions that un-complicate the complicated and make the impossible possible.  And it's why the financial and technical professionals at AMC have earned a reputation for innovative problem solving that consistently maximizes value for our customers.

Technical Services

We understand the purchase or sale of used commercial aircraft at one time was an unsophisticated process marked by a significant lack of information.  Today, the reverse is true; information availability is almost too plentiful and can often be overwhelming with many sources clamoring for attention.  AMC is uniquely qualified to cut through this surplus of information and provide you with straightforward answers to complicated questions.  Out in-depth knowledge of critical market, technical and financial issues, combined with our ability to locate assets and conclude transactions, has earned us a large number of long-lasting customer relationships in a fiercely competitive industry.